Knocked Down But Not Out: America Could Be Global Solar Leader by 2014

A new report reveals that America’s solar photovoltaic (PV) industry has gotten battered since the economy hit the skids last year.

But not to fret. A boost in federal incentives could trigger a rapid sector rebound and ultimately global solar leadership by 2014.

According to cleantech market researcher Pike Research, “The United States has become one of the more aggressive nations in promoting alternative energy technologies.” But here’s the problem:

“At the federal level tax credits and depreciation incentives are not currently enough to encourage sustainable demand growth.”

Washington’s latest boost in clean energy subsidies, in other words, is just not cutting it with investors, not in the face of this financial crisis.

“Financing for solar projects remains elusive,” says the forecast, U.S. Solar Energy Demand Dynamics.

The report find that solar demand in the U.S. lags behind market leaders Spain and Germany in 2009 — despite fizzling subsidies and slow starts to the year in both those nations. In America, project cancellations and delays are also…Read More.

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12 Tips To Save Gas While Driving

1. Skip Unnecessary Driving.

  • Plan all your daily stops into one smooth route.
  • Walk for short distances.
  • Try using public transportation once a week.

2. Cruise Control.

  • Use it, when driving on flat terrain.

3. Coasting.

  • When traveling down an incline, let gravity do the work.

4. Limit Use of Heating and AC.

  • When hot, keep the AC on until the interior is cool, then keep it off or on low.
  • When cold, wear thicker clothing and keep the heating off or low.

5. Drive and Accelerate Slower.

  • Driving smooth and steady uses much less gas.

6. Avoid Unnecessary Braking.

  • Allow the car to decelerate naturally when stopping, instead of slamming the brake.

7. Replace Your Air Filter Every 12,000 Miles.

  • A clogged air filter can drastically reduce a car’s fuel economy.
  • You can save as much as 22 cents per gallon reducing a clogged air filter.

8. Get Rid of Junk.

  • Reducing the weight of the car increases mileage.

9. Don’t Idle.

  • Idling for more than 15 seconds uses more gas than restarting the engine.

10. Keeping Your Car Clean

  • A washed and waxed car is more aerodynamic, which can benefit you with a 7-percent improvement in fuel economy.
  • Plus, it looks good ;).

11. Check Your Tire Pressure.

  • Under inflated tires can cost a 3.3-percent decrease in fuel economy.

12. Follow Your Cars Recommended Maintenance.

  • A well maintained car performs better and uses gas more efficiently.