12 Tips To Save Gas While Driving

1. Skip Unnecessary Driving.

  • Plan all your daily stops into one smooth route.
  • Walk for short distances.
  • Try using public transportation once a week.

2. Cruise Control.

  • Use it, when driving on flat terrain.

3. Coasting.

  • When traveling down an incline, let gravity do the work.

4. Limit Use of Heating and AC.

  • When hot, keep the AC on until the interior is cool, then keep it off or on low.
  • When cold, wear thicker clothing and keep the heating off or low.

5. Drive and Accelerate Slower.

  • Driving smooth and steady uses much less gas.

6. Avoid Unnecessary Braking.

  • Allow the car to decelerate naturally when stopping, instead of slamming the brake.

7. Replace Your Air Filter Every 12,000 Miles.

  • A clogged air filter can drastically reduce a car’s fuel economy.
  • You can save as much as 22 cents per gallon reducing a clogged air filter.

8. Get Rid of Junk.

  • Reducing the weight of the car increases mileage.

9. Don’t Idle.

  • Idling for more than 15 seconds uses more gas than restarting the engine.

10. Keeping Your Car Clean

  • A washed and waxed car is more aerodynamic, which can benefit you with a 7-percent improvement in fuel economy.
  • Plus, it looks good ;).

11. Check Your Tire Pressure.

  • Under inflated tires can cost a 3.3-percent decrease in fuel economy.

12. Follow Your Cars Recommended Maintenance.

  • A well maintained car performs better and uses gas more efficiently.